TittiCad Patterns online, create your personalized pattern and immediately download the PDF

TittiCad Online allows you to build and design a pattern to your measurements, starting from a predefined model, and without requiring any knowledge of patternmaking or CAD techniques. After a few seconds you will be able to

download customized PDF files, which you can print yourself or at a copy shop, and then go directly to the cutting and sewing phases.
To use TittiCad online, available directly on this website, you don't need to install anything, and you can use any device that allows you to surf the internet, such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.
The use is very simple, you don't need to install applications, nor register or open an account with password.
The number of available models will increase over time, as our designers conclude the design and testing phase of new fashionable items.

Find here the link to the Online Patterns page, also present in the main menu.

Here's a video that shows how to proceed:  Tailored Online Patterns

As you can see, you start with the selection of a ready-made pattern, enter your measurements and use the buttons to start generating a preview and the final pattern.
Obviously, an email address is also required, to which we will send the final pattern in PDF.
The same address will then be used to find the list of orders you have already created on the site.
Under no circumstances will we make any other use of your email, we will not disclose it to others and we will not use it to send other advertising or similar things.
The use is exclusively functional to sending the final pattern, and to the subsequent management of your orders.
No complex authentication procedures with relative passwords to remember!

Free templates are also included, and on these you can have TittiCad generate your personalized paper template online, without any commitment or constraint.

When you are in the measurement insertion phase, the image of a mannequin with relative instructions explain how to accurately carry out the measurement you are inserting at the moment.
Also remember to specify:

  • the width of the fabric you will be using. In this case TittiCad Online will be able to anticipate the required length of fabric and the exact positioning of the parts on it
  • the print format, which will be A4 if you want to use your home printer, or A0 if you go to a stationery shop for printing on a plotter.
Another option offered for free, but this time on all Models, is the immediate generation of preview images, created on your personal measurements. In fact, after having pressed the "Create free preview" button, within a few seconds you will see on the screen:
  • a drawing that represents the final appearance of the garment, based on your measurements
  • an image showing how to arrange the Parts of the final pattern on the fabric. Based on the fabric width you entered, the program will calculate the best possible arrangement of the parts, and will precisely indicate the length of fabric required to make the garment. This function can also be used, for example, if you are in a fabric store, and wanting to make a certain type of dress, you are just wondering how much fabric you have to buy. All this is offered free of charge, with no commitment to the subsequent purchase of the pattern in question!

When placing new orders, you can also use the 'Apply User Measurements' button. In this case TittiCad online will automatically search for any old orders made via your email, and will obtain the latest measurements already entered and compatible with those required for the new order you are making. All instantly, without waiting times or requests for further information.

After generating the preview, you can still change your measurements using the appropriate button, move on to the pattern purchase phase, or temporarily abandon the order. At a later time you will still have the possibility to re-enter the order, from the list of your orders.
Upon confirmation of the order (if it is not a free model), you will be directed to a PayPal page, where you can make the purchase.
As soon as our system receives confirmation of payment from PayPal, it will send you the PDF pattern to the email you indicated, and you will see the links to the same pdf files shown next to the preview images.

Speaking of PayPal, we specify that you can still use your credit card even without having a PayPal account. In this case it is possible to indicate that you want to use your card and proceed with the transaction.
Or, if you prefer, contact us at info@titticad.com to define together an alternative payment method, such as a bank transfer.
Whenever possible, however, we suggest using PayPal, as:
  • the receipt of the payment and the relative creation of the PDF files are immediate, without the days of waiting for a normal bank transfer
  • it is free for those who buy
  • offers PayPal guarantees on the correct outcome of the transaction, thus adding further peace of mind to the buyer.
In case of doubts or perplexities, do not hesitate to contact us at info@titticad.com

Have fun!