Patterns Online

TittiCad also offers you the possibility to create online patterns on your personal measurements, in a few seconds, without downloading any program. The Online Patterns service is active on any device, such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.
All within this website, and without having to register, subscribe or provide personal data.
If you wish, you can enter your email, where you will then receive the PDFs of the patterns and the related instructions.
Or you can create an anonymous user code and download the PDFs of the patterns from this site.
You can create your own personalized patterns by choosing patterns from the catalogs presented below.
You will then find your patterns listed via the "Your pattern list" component at the bottom of the page.

Catalog TC-A

The TC-A catalog includes a collection of creative garments, also available in the TittiCad Program.
This catalog is constantly evolving, so new models will be added regularly.
Before deciding whether or not to buy the definitive pattern, you can see the preview of the pattern and the arrangement on the fabric of the parts made to your measurements.

Note: the creative garments in this catalog require the insertion of real personal measurements as indicated on the Mannequin, as they will then be processed by TittiCad to obtain the final shape.

Base Catalog

We offer you here a catalog of Models similar to the one present in the TittiCad Program.
Before deciding whether or not to purchase the final pattern, you can see the preview of the pattern and the arrangement on the fabric of the parts created on your measurements.

Free Models Catalog

So that you can evaluate the quality of our products without obligation, we offer you the opportunity to download the free pattern, customized to your measurements.
No commitment is required, it will be sufficient to select a model, enter your measurements and specify the reference email.


Your pattern list

Through the Pattern list you can keep track of the patterns you have created, whether they have been ordered or not.
Enter your email or user code you used to create the patterns, and you will be able to see them listed in chronological order.
You can open each of your Patterns to check them again, download the PDFs and eventually complete the order at a later time.