TittiCad L1 - create and print customized patterns on your measurements

TittiCad L1 is the basic level, the simplest to use, but which still allows you to create, print and export customized patterns in PDF, automatically designed by the program based on the body measurements you enter.
As with all the patterns designed by TittiCad, these are never creations based on the simple concept of Size, but automatic customizations, based on your body measurements, of models created by the designers.
To create your patterns with TittiCad L1, no Cad drawing or pattern-making technique skills are required.
Simply choose the model you want to make from our catalogues, enter your measurements and print it.
If you have a normal printer, you can print a grid of A4 pages, automatically created by TittiCad, and then assemble the sheets. See  Printing Tutorial - Printing on regular A4 size printer .
If you don't have a printer, you can export the pattern in A0 format to a PDF file, and then contact a copy shop, bringing the pdf file onto a simple USB stick, for example. See Printing Tutorial - Printing to be done at a copy shop .

Here are some video tutorials that show in detail how to use TittiCad L1

This license is for private use only.