Who we are and how TittiCad was born

I introduce myself, I'm TittiCad!

Now that Miss TittiCad has let off steam, let's add some (useless) information.

We who:
- Tiziana, pattern making teacher, who would pitch a tent in a fabric or remnants shop.
- Stefano, tireless keyboardist (he defines himself as a programmer).

Why TittiCad:
During the unfortunate pandemic period, locked up at home, we wanted to make sense of it all.
The idea of creating something in the field of pattern creation, and which would allow anyone to create truly made-to-measure garments, had been whirling in our heads for some time.
The web offered various opportunities, ranging from those who suggested using a normal cad (basically a more complex way to replace ruler and set square with a PC), to those who always offered complex programs, in our opinion more suitable for corporate use rather than being within everyone's reach.
We also found online services that provided you with patterns, but with strict size constraints and without the possibility of modifying the garment in any way.
Our leitmotif then was: "It would be nice instead to be able to make a program that...".
At the time what followed the three dots was far from clear.
However, we had to start somewhere, and so Tiziana patiently began to explain to Stefano the geometric principles behind the design of the various types of paper patterns.
Stefano, almost as a bet, took over his own program for designing model aircraft, trying to convince him (and to convince himself) that designing paper models would also be a cool thing.
After a month, unexpectedly, what was then still a program without self-awareness, he had churned out the first pattern of a pair of tailored trousers (applause).

2 years of discussions followed, I do, I do again, headaches, but also personal satisfactions, after which the program had grown, he had discovered his name was TittiCad, and that he had multiple personalities.
Why multiple personalities:
well, one of the first things we noticed was the existence of possible types of users, very different from each other. In fact, we went from those who would have wanted a made-to-measure pattern, but made in a simple way on the basis of a ready-made pattern, to those who instead wanted to give vent to all their creativity, and perhaps at a later time apply development functions for different sizes and body types (an advanced version of "size development").

All in all, very nice, but...
But as soon as we started proposing the TittiCad program, often the first questions were:
- runs on Mac too, right?
- cool, how can I install it on my mobile?

We understood each other.
Stefano, a keystroke specialized in the Windows environment, hadn't considered the existence of the rest of the world.
It was necessary to run for cover.
In a "short" time TittiCad, not satisfied with its own multiple personalities (we call them TittiCad Levels), found itself also having an alter ego consisting of an Online service for the creation of patterns. Always tailored, of course!
This service, included directly on the site, gives the possibility to download (as a direct link on the site and via email) the PDF files ready for printing the pattern on your measurements.
No installation is required, no subscription, account creation, subscription etc.
Simply choose the desired model (there are also free ones), enter your measurements and email, and you will immediately see the preview of the parts of the pattern on the screen, complete with positioning on the fabric and calculation of the minimum fabric length request. All for free and without any commitment.
Then, if the pattern satisfies you, you can buy it via PayPal (for the free patterns the payment procedure is skipped), and, after a few seconds that the payment has been made, the links to the final PDFs appear on the web page, which are also sent to the email address provided.
For those who want more, there obviously remains the possibility of installing one of the versions of the TittiCad program, and further modifying the same models that you see online, or creating new ones.

What can I say, we are very satisfied with the work done, and now we can concentrate on creating new 'fashion' models and listen to users on new ideas or requests.
In addition to a couple of new ideas that are already whirling in our heads...

Have a good fun!