TittiCad - L2 create, modify and print customized patterns on your measurements

TittiCad L2 adds a Edit page to TittiCad L1, through which you can make changes to all the parts that make up the pattern. You can move points, lengthen or shorten lines, and precisely vary the shape of the various curves that make up the outline of each part.
Another additional function of the L2 is the complete management of the cutting margins, differentiated for each line of each part.
No CAD skills or special pattern making knowledge is required.

Level 2 represents the first step in learning how to customize the garment you are making, according to your creativity, in a simple and intuitive way. The modifications that you can apply are almost infinite, and the final result could be completely different from the starting Model that you have chosen.
If you want to make a particular garment, look in the catalogs for the one that comes closest to your idea, and modify the shape of the various parts as you like.

Here are some video tutorials that show in detail how to use TittiCad L2.

This license is for private use only.