TittiCad L4 for business productivity, schools, institutes, tailors and fashion designers

TittiCad L4 adds to TittiCad L3 the necessary functionalities to make sure that a new Model created by you scales appropriately on other people's measurements.
It is not a simple Size Development, but to enter the necessary information to ensure that the final creation of the pattern adapts precisely to the personal measurements that will be entered from time to time. This version is designed for advanced users, tailors, companies, schools, institutes and fashion designers who then want to distribute their work.
For example, with TittiCad L4 you can:
- ask the user for new measurements, which you will then apply appropriately at the model design level
- obscure the request for certain measurements, when your project will calculate them autonomously
- parameterize each modification and movement based on the user measurements you have chosen
- force the position of each point based on mathematical formulas pre-calculated by the program or by you enter

TittiCad will act as an expert tailor, who knows how to adjust and retouch the various parts according to the personal measurements entered.
The Cad skills required are limited, and required only for some advanced types of intervention.
Skills in modeling technique are required for an advanced use of the program, as you can overturn the basic rules applied by TittiCad on the types of standard Models at will.
We also offer online or first-person courses, for faster learning of the advanced features of TittiCad L4. For information write to info@titticad.com

This license is for private and business use.