Create your own patterns easily with TittiCad

Tailored suits

TittiCad was born from the idea that every
person has different forms, too limited to enclose this one
richness in strict sizes! Our program will create a unique pattern, designed on your measurements.

Ready-to-make patterns 

In TittiCad you will find many Models already set up, which will give you a personalized pattern based on your measurements.
TittiCad offers you two possibilities:
- A program to install on a Windows PC.
- The Online Pattern Making Service.

The TittiCad program

The TittiCad program must be installed on Windows and is available in 4 different versions.
With the features of the more advanced versions, you can create new models or rework the existing ones as you like.
Consult the Versions and Downloads page to choose which Level of TittiCad best suits your needs.

Patterns Online

The Online Pattern Making service is active on any device, such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.
All within this website, and without having to register, subscribe or provide personal data.

Trial period and license duration

You can take advantage of a free trial period of up to 7 days (for up to 4 printed patterns), simply by downloading the program and installing it using the Download buttons on the page Versions.
All this for free and without any commitment on your part.
You will thus be able to test all the potential of the program, to evaluate if it is right for you.
In this case you can then purchase the license.
The license does not expire, and in case of a change of PC it can be moved to the new computer .