The TittiCad program as a teaching tool for Schools, Institutes and Universities

By virtue of the scalability on several levels, the TittiCad program lends itself perfectly to being used as a teaching and learning tool in Schools, Institutes and Universities.
In fact, depending on the type of course, it will be easy to choose the most appropriate version of TittiCad, by consulting the Overview Page or by contacting us at for suggestions.
For example:
- the L1 and L2 versions will be ideal for cutting-sewing courses, where the teaching subject is not so much the pattern-making technique, but rather the garment-making phase. In this case it will be possible to create the desired pattern on the basis of the chosen model and the inserted measures, in order to then be able to immediately start the sewing work.
- Level L3 will lend itself to pattern-making courses, where the aim is to prepare complex patterns at will, but without the need to industrialize the process of creating the final patterns.
- Level L4, on the other hand, is recommended for professional courses for business use and fashion designers, or in any case when the design of models is required that create customized patterns on personal measurements, maintaining correct wearability and appearance. In practice, thanks to TittiCad L4, it is possible to take a further step forward with respect to the concept of Size Development. In this case, in fact, it will not be the simple size that defines the pattern, but the set of personal measurements that the designer has requested through the customizable interface of TittiCad.
TittiCad will act as an expert tailor, who knows how to adjust and retouch the various parts according to the entered body measurements.

Since the user interface and the logic of the program are the same for all Levels, it becomes easy to pass to a higher Level for more advanced courses, without having to relearn anything.

We can supply various types of licenses for teaching:
- with no expiry and connected to a single computer, for example for installation in laboratories
- with no expiry, but movable between multiple computers, thanks to a special USB key, which, when inserted in a PC, enables the operation of TittiCad
- limited in time, for example to offer students or trainees the possibility of using TittiCad on their personal PC for the duration of the course or in any case for a specific period of time.

Since we strongly believe in the value of the TittiCad program as a modern tool for pattern-making design, we offer cumulative offers for schools and institutes, so that they can offer a method that is truly up to date in their booklet.
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Training courses for the use of TittiCad

We hold courses for learning the use of all Levels of TittiCad.
The courses can be held in Italian both online, through tele-teaching tools, and at our studio.
Contact us at to get more information.

Courses for teaching the use of TittiCad

We also hold courses for teaching, aimed at people who will then in turn hold courses for learning.
The courses can be held in Italian both online, through tele-teaching tools, and at our studio.
The course, after passing the final test, will officially qualify through a certificate to teach the level of which the course has been subject.
In this case the teacher will be able to hold his own private or public courses, and possibly benefit from a license distribution agreement for the students.
Contact us at for more information.