Overview of TittiCad versions

It is possible to create your own tailor-made patterns using TittiCad using two different strategies:

- Use the online pattern making service, available directly on this website . To do this you don't need to install anything, and you can use any device that allows you to surf the internet, for example PC, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.
It's very simple to use, you don't need to install anything, register or open new accounts with passwords.
Simply choose one of the proposed models, enter your measurements and your email (where you will then receive the PDFs of the patterns and the relative instructions) and press the button to generate the preview. Free Patterns are also included, of which you can download your personalized pattern, without any commitment or constraint. We refer you to the Online Pattern Information page for more details on this innovative service.
And here is the link to the Online Patterns page.

- Download and install the TittiCad program on the Windows PC.
Depending on your needs, the TittiCad program is available in 4 different levels.
Know that:
Each level represents a program in its own right.
Each Level includes all the features of the lower levels.
All levels share the same interface, so switching between levels won't require you to relearn anything. The higher Levels will simply have a richer interface, which will give access to new or more advanced functions.

Here is a quick description of the 4 Levels, with links to the pages that better explain their functionality:

- TittiCad L1: it is the basic level, the simplest to use, but which still allows you to create, print and export customized patterns in PDF, automatically designed by the program based on the body measurements you enter. As with all the patterns made by TittiCad, these are never simplistic creations based on the concept of Size, but automatic customizations, based on your body measurements, of patterns created by the designers. This makes TittiCad a truly innovative product. See the information page for TittiCad L1.

- TittiCad L2: this level adds an Edit page, through which you can customize all the parts that make up the pattern. You can move points, lengthen or shorten lines, and precisely vary the shape of the various curves that make up the outline of each part.
No CAD skills or particular pattern making knowledge is required. See the information page for TittiCad L2.

- TittiCad L3: is the version dedicated to unlimited personal productivity. You can modify existing models in the catalogue, or create totally new ones starting from predefined types (trousers, skirts, culottes, basic bodices or with darts, both with or without kimono sleeves). You can then add an infinite number of components, processes or modifications to the basic parts, already created to your measurements. We refer you to the information page for TittiCad L3 for a more complete description of the available functions.

- TittiCad L4: this level adds to TittiCad L3 the necessary functionalities to ensure that a new Model created by you adapts appropriately to other people's measurements. Here too, it is not a question of a simple Size Development, but of entering the necessary information to ensure that the final creation of the Pattern scales precisely on the personal measurements that will be entered from time to time. This version is designed for advanced users, tailors, companies and fashion designers who then want to distribute their work.
See the information page for TittiCad L4.